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1982-93 Chevy S10 Truck V8 Conversion

*We build radiators for all years of Chevy vehicles. Please contact us to learn more.

The Chevy S10 V8 conversion radiator can be ordered complete with dual Spal fans, aluminum shroud, fan wiring harness, and many other accessories. A complete polish is also available.

Part # Accessories
27009 Spal 14” Dual High Performance Electric Fans
21010 Custom Aluminum Shroud
2710009 Billet Aluminum Fan Motor Cover (2)
27024 Dual Fan Wiring Harness
2912010 A/C Condenser 14” x 20”
2112015 Full Frame Condenser
2613011 16LB. Radiator Cap
2113213 13” Polished Recovery Tank
2112009 Internal Transmission Cooler
2930001 12” External Transmission Cooler
2930002 20” External Transmission Cooler
21312 Complete Polish