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SPAL High Performance Electric Fan

SPAL manages all aspects of their fan production. From design and tooling to winding each motor, all work is done in house to ensure top quality standards are met. The SPAL research and development department extensively tests and evaluates fans, in environments from 30 degrees F to 176 degrees F.

Performance Rod & Custom chooses SPAL electric fans simply because they are the best electric fan for street rod, hot rod, racing and other automotive aftermarket uses. SPAL electric fans compliment PRC’s top quality radiators and help provide optimum cooling for each application. They simply move more air than any other fan on the market. It is a good idea to measure for clearance before ordering your fan. Always utilize the high performance fan when possible to maximize airlfow.

Part # Description
27001 16” H.P. Pull Straight Blade
27002 16” H.P. Push Straight Blade
27010 16” Medium Pull Straight Blade – 2.48″
27011 16” Slim Pull Straight Blade – 2.05″
27012 16” H.P. Pull Curved Blade
27009 14” H.P. Pull Straight Blade
27008 13” H.P. Pull Curved Blade
27007 12” H.P. Pull Straight Blade
27006 12” H.P. Pull Curved Blade
27003 Dual 11” H.P. Fan Assembly